Malihai clubs of Tanzania (MCT)

MCT is under auspice of TWPF hence it depends entirety to the TWPF support for its operations. TWPF supports MCT in recognition that youth are the largest group in the country, therefore, if they are educated and involved to participate in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservation in practice will help to delt with increased natural resources degradation. Furthermore, youth are energetic and entheustic hence if they are effectively involved in conservation they will help to combat the same.

This is in line with Wildlife Policy of Tanzania of 2007 which advocates for broad participation of local communities in wildlife conservation. Therefore, MCT compliment anti-poaching efforts. MCT through clubs school members emphasize on environmental conservation in practice by establishing trees nurseries, flowers, vegetable gardens and fish pond; participation in proper disposal of litter; conduct debate on environmental issues; participate on national and international environmental events, preparation of flower and tree gardens, beekeeping and aquaculture, waste collection, write articles for Malihai news letter, compose drama, poems, songs, and drawing among other environmental friendly activities.

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